Our Mission

The mission at Overcomers With Hope Studios Inc. is to train multi-cultural at-risk youth, ages 16 – 24, young adults and veterans who primarily reside in the economically underserved areas of Oakland California. This television Broadcast Digital Arts Media Innovative Training Program strives to expand the aptitude of our target audience by providing technical and soft skills in areas that they are familiar with and enjoy i.e. Television Broadcast Digital Arts Media. The unique value created is that we are exposing participants to ideas and possibilities that will enable them to realize their hopes and dreams and ignite inspiration that they did not know existed. OWH Studio supports the STEAM protocol through its Television Broadcast Digital Arts Training program. Goals include:

  1. Build a sustainable, community-supported organization.
  2. Contribute to reducing youth dropout rate and ex-offender’s recidivism.
  3. Develop marketable skills for veterans and youth.
  4. Produce commercial grade media end products.
  5. Generate meaningful dialog between diverse cultures.

Below is an overview prospective from our founder, Bishop J. E. Watkins.

Bob letter

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